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Ecological Fire Rated Board-Backer Board

The ecological board is made of lightweight cement and ore,high-quality fiberglass mesh as the backbone inside.

Natural fire resistant and heat insulation materials, no asbestos,degradable materials.A substitute for conventional materials.Like cement board, plywood,OSB, gypsum, etc.


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  Thickness    3-20mm     Water Absorption    ≤10%
  Dimensions    (2440-3000 ) X1220mm     Soaking Linear Expansion   0.04~0.11%
  Color   White/Gray/Red/Green/Blue,etc.   Non Combustible  Performance   According to GB8624-1997,Combustibility is A1 Class.
  Density      0.95g-1.50g/cm3     Fire rating limited   >4Hours
  Bending Strength      27MPa     Thermal Coefficient   0.0988w/ (m. k)
  lmpact Strength    ≥4.9KJ/m2    Radioactivity   NO

  1.Excellent Fire Performance

  The fire-redardant reached grade A1 .800C no combustion, 1200C no flame. Fire rating limited more than 4 hours. Its refractoriness temperature over 1200C which is far more than the other materials.

  2.Waterproof and Moisture-proof

  In dry cold or wet weather, the board's pertormance is always stable, not aflected by condensation of water and moist air. Even if put it in water soaked forseveral days, it will not be deformed or soft.

  3.High Strength

  The board is light in weight, but its structure is compact, stable and non-deformable. It has excellent performance in impact resistance,compression resistance, tensile resistance and fracture resistance.

  4.Environmental Health

  The board does not contain asbestos,formaldehyde. when there is a fire, no smoke,no toxic, no pecular smell. The production process is natural maintenance, less energy consumption.It produces 90% less CO2 pollutants compared to cement based products.

  5.Mothproof and Mouldproof

  The board is made of magnesium oxide,magnesium chloride and other inorganic mineral powder, which has the functions of mold proof, bacteria proof, insect proof and termite proof.

  6.Easy Installation

  The board has light weight and high strength which is easy to install. It can be be sawed, diled, nailed, glued, and painted, easy to carry.

  Excellent toughness, not easy to break, arbitrary use of slf-tapping nails, gun nails and straight nails for light nsallation.

With the maturity of technology, we have developed deep-processing products. Ecological Fire Rated Roof Tile series also has high, medium and low-end product lines, which can try various grades of industrial and civil market demand. It began to open up the market of developed countries through international exhibitions and won high praise.


China Fire Rated Board manufacturer


What is a Fire Rated Board?


The fireproof board is a refractory building material for surface decoration. The fireproof board is made of base paper (titanium powder paper, kraft paper) through the melamine and phenolic resin impregnation process and high temperature and high pressure environment.


1. Mineral wool board and glass wool board: mainly use mineral wool and glass wool as heat insulation materials. It is non-combustible, good in high temperature resistance, and light in weight, but its shortcomings are: ① short fibers can cause harm to the human respiratory system; ② poor strength of the board; ③ poor barrier performance of the board to the spread of fire smoke; ④ poor decoration, ⑤ The installation and construction workload is large. Therefore, most of this kind of board has now evolved into a board with inorganic bonding material as the base material and mineral wool and glass wool as the reinforcing material.


2. Cement board: Cement board has high strength and a wide range of sources. In the past, it was often used as a fireproof ceiling and partition wall, but its fire resistance was poor, and it was easy to burst and perforate in the fire field and lose its protective effect, which limited its application. Cement concrete components have good heat insulation and sound insulation performance, and can be used as partition walls and roof panels. Improved varieties such as fiber-reinforced cement boards have appeared in the building materials market one after another, which have the advantages of high strength and good fire resistance, but poor toughness, high alkalinity, and poor decorative effects.


3. Perlite board, floating bead board, vermiculite board: a hollow board made of low-alkalinity cement as the base material, perlite, glass beads, and vermiculite as aerated filling materials, and adding some additives to compound. . It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good toughness, fire and heat insulation, and convenient construction. It can be widely used in non-load-bearing parts of high-rise frame buildings such as compartments, households, bathrooms, kitchens, and communication pipes.


4. Fireproof gypsum board: Since the fireproof performance of gypsum has been widely accepted, the fireproof board with gypsum as the base material has developed rapidly. The main components of the board are non-combustible and contain crystal water, and have good fire resistance. It can be used as partition walls, suspended ceilings and roof panels. The material source of the board is abundant, which is convenient for the factory-shaped production. In use, it has lighter weight, can reduce the load-bearing capacity of buildings, is easy to process, can be sawed and planed, is easy to construct, and has good decorative properties, but its flexural performance is poor. There are many factors that affect the fire resistance of gypsum board, such as composition, board type, keel type, board thickness, whether there is filler in the air layer, and the assembly method. In recent years, new varieties such as silica-calcium gypsum fiberboard and double-sided sticker gypsum fireproof board have appeared.


5. Calcium silicate fiberboard: It is a building board with lime, silicate and inorganic fiber reinforced materials as the main raw materials. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, heat insulation, good durability, excellent processing performance and construction performance, etc. It is mainly used to make ceilings, partition walls and as fire protection materials for steel columns and steel beams. However, the strength and bending performance of the sheet need to be improved.


6. Magnesium oxychloride fireproof board: It belongs to magnesium oxychloride cement products. It is composited with magnesia cementing material as the main body, glass fiber cloth as the reinforcing material, and light insulation material as the filler, which can meet the non-combustibility requirements. A new type of environmentally friendly board.


China Fire Rated Board manufacturer,supplier,factory - wholesale Fire Rated Board


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