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Fire-resistant Structure Insulation Panel

MgO Structure Insulation Panel, can be used as a combination of wall and steel structure, build fast house. Used in civil, medical, commercial, industrial and other fields.

With fireproof, heat insulation and other performance, the whole house can reach A1 level of fire.


Shenghang building is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of Ecological Fire Rated Roof Tile. Welcome to contact us for business cooperation.



Fire-resistant Structure Insulation Panel - Shenghang Building Material

MgO boards, made from magnesium cements are an ancient yet modern solution to many building challenges from new & enhanced building codes. Literally made from minerals required for the health of people, plants and animals it sequesters atmospheric CO2, is fully recyclable, no out-gassing, toxins or carcinogens, is easy to use and inexpensive.


Iron Crown MgO SIP can be in insulation wall panel . As a substitute for brick wall or reinforced concrete, SIP can realize the installation of fast insulation wall. In the middle of the panel, we can choose EPS or XPS or other common insulation materials, and choose more insulating magnesium oxide foundation panel on both sides. Integral SIP can be combined with light steel structure, can provide rapid installation of housing solutions.


Widely used in building modularization, building quick installation solutions, prefabricated buildings and other building scenes.



Fire-resistant Structure Insulation Panel


What is TPO Induction Weld Plates? Ecological fireproof roof tile is a new type of roof made of MgO-MgCI2-H2O as the main system plus SY fillers and organic and inorganic chemical materials, reinforced with glass fiber cloth, and made by pulping, molding, hardening, curing and other production processes. Material.


It has the characteristics of fireproof, waterproof, frost resistance, aging resistance, high strength, long life, and glazed luster. It can be widely used in oil fields, textiles, smelting, chemicals, forests and other factories and mining enterprises to build factories, warehouses, shed corridors, etc. 


Fire-resistant Structure Insulation Panel manufacturer


Shenghang Building Material is a company specializing in the production of Fire-resistant Structure Insulation Panel, Fasteners, gaskets, roof tiles, partition boards, floors OEM, many styles and low prices. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions abroad. Welcome new and old customers to contact us to discuss cooperation, thank you.


China Shenghang Building Material is a professional roof tiles supplier, Laminated Floor manufacturer. The company's products have undergone strict inspections. Welcome more new and old customers to call or email for consultation. >>>Roofing Waterproofing Materials


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