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PVC Induction Weld Plates

Stress plate for fully-metallic solutions

Diameter 80mm   

Hole Diameter-Ø6,8mm


The plate are designed to attach insulation or coverboards to the deck while providing a non-penetrating mechanical attachment of single-ply membranes utilizing an induction welded bond to the  Plate. Plates are available for use with PVC membranes.  Plates are approved for use with steel, wood or structural concrete roof decks.


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PVC Induction Weld Plates - Shenghang Building Material


PVC Induction Weld Plates


What is PVC Induction Weld Plates? This kind of induction welding board can be used to fix the screws, making it more stable and firm.


Product Features:


Excellent anti-aging property, prolong life; long life.


Good strength and tension/suitable for a wide range of temperatures


Excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance


Suitable for single layer and cold coating




Suitable for various roofs, basements, tunnels, light-weight building waterproofing projects; roofing and underground projects of civil and industrial buildings, storage tanks, municipal administration, bridges, subways, tunnels, dams, etc., especially for durability and corrosion resistance requirements and volatility Waterproof works.


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PVC Induction Weld Plates manufacturer


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