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Polyurethane Liquid Membrane (EXPOSED UV)

This PU Liquid Membrane is a new type of single-component self-leveling anti-uv and weather-resistant waterproof coating with durable elasticity and natural curing.

Through the contact with the moisture in the air after chemical reaction on the surface, the base forms a tough dense and seamless overall waterproof film.



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★ Kitchen, bathroom, balcony and roof and other common home outfit waterproof and damp proof.

★ Reservoir, water tower, water tank, swimming pool, bath pool, fountain pool, storage tank, sewage treatment pool, drainage and irrigation channels seepage and leakage prevention

★ Used to prevent leakage and corrosion in well ventilated basement, underground tunnel and deep well.

★ Adhesive damp proof of all kinds of floor tiles, marbles, wood asbestos, etc.


  Appearance   White, gray self-leveling
  Density   1.35±0.1
  Surface drying time(h)   40
  Tensile Strength(Mpa)   ﹥2
  Curing Speed(mm/24h)   3-5
  Elongation at break %   ﹥300
  Solid Content%   ﹥99
  Construction temperature℃   5-35℃
  Service Temperature ℃   -40 +120℃
  Shelf Life(month)   12

The above data are all detection data under standard state. Standard: polyurethane waterproof coating GB/t19250-2013.

No solvent, no tar, no pollution, tasteless environmental protection, no harm to construction personnel.

Lasting comprehensive waterproofing, highly effective impermeable and leak proof, moisture-proof and mildew proof, waterproof and sealed, bright color.

800% plus extended tear resistance, super adhesion with no cracking, full flexibility against displacement, super elasticity not afraid of settlement

Oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, puncture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, deformation resistance.

Open cover and use, convenient repair, spray able paint, outside appearances last longer.


Theoretical paint consumption:

When the coating thickness is 1.0mm, about 1.3kg PU membrane is needed for each square meter


Sealed and stored in a low temperature and dry place. It is recommended to store in an environment with a temperature of 5-25℃and a humidity≦50%RH. If the temperature is higher than 40℃or the humidity is higher than 80% RH, the shelf life may be shortened.

Packing specification:

20kg/barrel,  25kg/barrel.

1.It is strictly forbidden to mix alcohol into the PU membrane. If the alcohol is mixed into this product, it may lead to serious failure of film adhesive. Tools used in construction such as stained with alcohol should not be used until they are cleaned.

2.The film thickness is generally about 2.0mm, and the special parts should be larger than 2.0mm.

3.Before the surface is dry, the coating adhesive shall prevent water, pollution and damage.Before the coating is dry (generally about 24 hours), other construction operations shall not be carried out on it.

4.The construction environment should be well ventilated and some necessary safety measures should be taken; during construction, construction records shall be filled in truthfully; for the construction of special projects, please strictly follow the construction technology provided by the company.

5.Please pay attention to seal and save the unused products, and cut the solidified adhesive layer when using next time.

6.Avoid contact with eyes and skins. If it is contact with skin, you should scrub with soapy water or alcohol first, then risen with water. If it is in contact with eyes, you rinse with plenty of water and seek immediate medical attention if necessary.


Polyurethane Liquid Membrane


What is Polyurethane Liquid Membrane?


Polyurethane waterproof coating film, the coating film is soft, and convenient for construction. The wet base layer can be cured into a film, has strong adhesion, can resist pressure penetration, and is especially suitable for complex structures. It can significantly reduce construction costs. It can be used on various material surfaces. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly waterproof coating.


According to the mechanism of coating curing and film formation, one-component polyurethane waterproof coatings are mainly divided into three types: moisture curing type, latent curing type and water curing type. Among them, the latent curing type one-component polyurethane waterproof coating has excellent performance and convenient construction. The reaction speed of the latent curing agent with water is much greater than the reaction speed of -NCO with water. When the latent curing type one-component polyurethane waterproof coating encounters moisture in the air, the latent curing agent and water undergo a hydrolysis reaction to generate amino groups. And the active hydrogen compound of hydroxyl. This hydrogen compound is more active than water. Therefore, -NCO can only react with hydroxyl and amino groups to form carbamate and urea groups. There is no gas generation, so the coating film is relatively dense. There will be bubbling.


According to the type of curing agent, two-component polyurethane can be divided into two types: MOCA curing and water curing. Both contain a large amount of petroleum-based aromatic oil. The construction convenience is not as good as single-component.


China Polyurethane Liquid Membrane manufacturer,supplier,factory


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